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What is WinTheView™?

WinTheView™ (WTV) is a powerful and unique suite of on-line career advancement software tools for building interview presentations, video “elevator” pitches, career success stories, follow-up letters and online portfolios.

Ken Diamond developed the WinTheView™ on-line tool after proving that the concept in his search firm catapulted hundreds of job candidates to interview success–landing job offers. The tool helps job candidates exude confidence, show motivation and articulate their potential for overachievement to the hiring team via a printed presentation which is used as an interview discussion guide or powerful leave-behind. WinTheView™ is being utilized internationally to accelerate careers and as a support tool for career coaches, outplacement firms, recruiting organizations and universities.

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WTV Interview presentation sample

WinTheView Sample Presentation (PDF – opens in a new window)

WTV success stories and testimonials

“Kenneth and Win-The-View are the top of the line when it comes to creating an extraordinary approach to the job search process. I directly attribute Kenneth’s knowledge and ability to help me create an amazing tool with Win-The-View for my new position.”

“WinTheView gave me the competitive advantage that I needed to advance my career and transition into a new and challenging role. By moving through the WinTheView process, I was able to gain a better understanding of not only what the employer was looking for and how I met those needs, but most importantly how to better communicate this information during the interview. By creating a well thought out and professional presentation, I felt more confident in presenting myself and my abilities. By organizing my key attributes and key success factors, I was able to overcome previous interview hurdles, clearly exemplify my candidacy, and most importantly, I secured the position. Thank you Ken for helping me through this process and giving me the keys to interview success!”

“I have worked with Ken in the Graphic Arts industry for many years and have engaged his company, Digital Action multiple times for his assistance with my personal career enhancement. He is the consummate professional, very knowledgeable and certainly very well connected in the Printing/Graphic Arts community. His methodology for leveraging personal and professional skills and capabilities with his WinTheView tools is outstanding and extremely effective. I have used the tools many times to enhance my career options by positioning my ‘Personal Brand’ to full advantage. I have even used his tools to assist my daughter, who was new to the workforce a few years ago after finishing Grad School. Her success was somewhat surprising, especially in this tight employment market, where she is batting 1,000!!! She used WinTheView three times and got three job offers.”

“My experience with Ken Diamond and WinTheView has been exceptional. By completing the WinTheView process it gave me a strong insight on my strengths, accomplishments, and ability. The resulting presentation piece at the interview made it easier to display what I could do for the company and position I was interviewing for. I would highly recommend the WinTheView system.”

“Ken’s WinTheView service provides a complete and concise profile preview for hiring managers. The applicant and hiring staff can both benefit from the WinTheView profile builder because it encourages the candidate to present themselves in a positive and professional manner. Things you would not think to include in your resume profile are presented in an easy to update script. Hiring managers are impressed with the amount of information they can learn from any candidate. When searching for competitive jobs in today’s market, WinTheView provides the professional edge required to land the job.”

“The wintheview presentation I created based on Ken’s service impressed the hiring manager and the other influencers. The presentation *became* the interview. They could see exactly what I could do for them and how I fit. It really set me apart from the competition.”

“Ken Diamond is a long time friend and when he recommended the wintheview presentation, I felt encouraged to invest the time in this process. Wintheview adds the competitive edge when making a career or job transition. I had excellent feedback from prospective employers with comments like, ” You really went above and beyond on the interview with your presentation”. This process helps you to ‘sell’ yourself in a professional and positive light. It enables you to key on objectives that you may otherwise leave out during a traditional interview. This is a process I will use in future presentations.”

“Kenneth is an innovative, forward-thinking leader who can help you get noticed with his easy to use presentation building capability. With his efforts in social media, I take note, as he is on the forefront of really adding value to candidates looking to stand out among the competition. He also openly solicits feedback so he can improve his new product and really fill a need – I feel he is genuine and really wants to help. We need more integrity in the business place like Kenneth has!”

“I used Ken’s on-line interview preparation and presentation tool during a job search in 2007. I found it to be a user friendly tool that readily assists in preparing for the interview. Wintheview is very flexible and provides the job candidate ideas and suggestions throughout the process to help build a presentation that will market the candidate’s strengths and provide ideas on how to address the company’s challenges. Using this tool along with good company research resulted in a job offer within the first three interviews.”

“My experience with Ken Diamond and WinTheView has been exceptional. By completing the WinTheView process it gave me a strong insight on my strengths, accomplishments, and ability. The resulting presentation piece at the interview made it easier to display what I could do for the company and position I was interviewing for. I would highly recommend the WinTheView system.”

“This unique and innovative product is a clear differentiator for my young adult clients. It’s easy to use, and serves as a great coaching tool. The support that comes from WTV is outstanding and it’s really reasonably priced. I love it! Jo Leonard President, Jo Leonard, LLC. “Be Outstanding!””

“Ken is extremely responsive to customer needs. He is continually updating the Win the View website, so it remains a state-of-the-art product, that is easy to use. It enables the user to differentiate themselves from others in the market.”

“The difference between a good product and a great product can be the support you receive from the people that stand behind it. WinTheView is a great product, not just due to the difference it can make to candidates at interviews, but for the quality and scope of the support that is offered by its owner and greatest champion, Ken Diamond. Ken is an evangelist for the WinTheView tool. He markets it zealously, protects the brand by ensuring optimum quality is sustained, and jumps immediately to the aid of the people who use it—answering questions, providing suggestions and spending any amount of time to promote understanding. Ken is WinTheView’s greatest advocate and through that, devotes substantial time to ensure users of the tool and affiliates who onsell the product receive his undivided attention and support. Ken Diamond is what makes WinTheView outstanding.”